The Gateway Advantage

Gateway is one of Canadas largest privately owned residential property management companies. We are looking for career oriented, dedicated people who aspire to work as a part of a team, yet possess the individual zeal to make a strong contribution to Gateway and ultimately their own success.

You can count on

  • Accessibility to every level of the organization.
  • Support Resources
  • Industry specific training and networking
  • A caring and accommodating workplace
  • Opportunity to work with dedicated people across Canada

“Having worked at Gateway for over 9 years, it was clear to me from the beginning that this was going to be a good fit. Gateways professional service and the quality of the experience we provide to our clients and our employees was the team I was definitely looking for and what keeps me here. I care deeply about my role in the company and am always looking for opportunities to do my share to ensure the quality experience continues for all.”

Payroll Administrator, Delta BC

“Gateway provides a very encouraging and family-oriented environment for its employees which translates out to the building level. I am fortunate to be part of a very strong team who go above and beyond to ensure that the buildings and corporations we manage are receiving the high level of service they deserve. There are many opportunities for growth within the corporation and I always feel like a valuable asset to this organization.”

Marketing Coordinator, Cambridge ON

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Future Opportunities

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