Order Condominium Documents and Forms

Our Document Centre makes it easy for you to order forms and documents online for your condo corporation


  • Documents are items that are prepared in advance and stored here for purchase.
  • Documents are provided to you via a link sent to your e-mail.
  • You will have 7 days to download the link before it expires permanently.


  • Forms are items that can only be prepared after you request them as they are time sensitive.
  • Forms will be ready for pick-up within the timeframe you requested in your order. In certain provinces, you have the option of paying for Courier services.
  • A Gateway employee will phone you when they are ready.

Your Order

  • Your order may contain both Documents and Forms.
  • All Documents and Forms must be paid for in advance via your credit card.
  • After you have completed your order, you will see an invoice outlining the items you have ordered through your shopping cart.

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