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Preparing Your Home for Your Vacation

The season for vacations has arrived! Whether your vacation takes you to a nearby campground or halfway around the world, you should make sure your home is as ready for your vacation as you are! Consider the following tips:

  • Clean out your fridge: No one wants to come home and have to deal with expired food. Give away anything that may go bad while you are away. For a longer vacation, you may want to consider emptying out the fridge and unplugging it. Make sure the door is propped open to avoid any mildew smell.
  • Adjust your thermostat: No sense heating and cooling your home when you are not there. An adjustment as small as two degrees can also result in cost savings.
  • Make arrangements for your mail: Mail piled up is a signal to others that no one is home. Arrange for your mail to be stopped or for a friend to pick it up.
  • Unplug before you unwind: Just before you leave, tour the house and unplug small appliances and electronics like coffee makers, computers and televisions. This will protect them from power surges and save you power. Many computers and televisions draw power even when turned off.
  • Protect your plumbing: A couple days before you leave, walk through your home and check your plumbing fixtures. Address dripping faucets or running toilets which can rack up your utility bill while you are aware or turn into larger leaks. Touch plumbing connections such as your shut-offs to ensure there are no water leaks and have leaks repaired before you are gone. You may consider shutting the water off to your home if it is not needed. For a longer vacation, make arrangements to have someone come to flush toilets and run faucets.
  • Lock it up: Along with making sure your doors are locked when you leave, make sure all windows are closed and locked as well.
  • Inform your management company: If applicable, let your Resident Manager or Property Manager know when you will be away and provide an emergency contact number. If you have someone who will looking after your home while you are away, provide their name and contact information as well.

Returning from vacation is already tough! Preparing your home before you go can make your homecoming a little more easier.


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Deborah Knott